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Fast. Precise and highly professional.

We want our customers to be able to run their production
without any downtime.

Our repairs centerless grinders are based on a wealth of professional experience that we have amassed over many years.
We can generally tell you over the telephone what is wrong with your machine, which replacement part you may require, and what it would cost to repair your machine at your premises.

We work with foresight and efficiency: Before we repair your centerless grinder machine, we first take a look at the quality of the products that have been manufactured with the machine, and, from this, can draw conclusions about other possible defects or modifications to the application.

  • Mechanical repairs on location or at our premises
  • New grinding wheel spindle bearings
  • > Hydrodynamic bearings
    > Roller bearings
  • New regulating wheel spindle bearings
  • > Segment-slide bearings
    > Roller bearing
  • Ceramic and chrome coatings
  • Coatings on dresser sleeves
  • Babbit or bronze coatings on bearing segments
  • Repairs to grinding and regulating wheel spindle bearings
  • Optimization of existing units
  • Repairs to regulating wheel drives
  • Precision grinding of guide rails and dovetail guides
  • Precision scraping

We live for precision and speed.
It saves time and money.

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