Repair / Retrofit

Our repairs are based on many years of professional experience. Thanks to our accumulated expertise, we can help you where the problem is located at the machine and if necessary prepare an offer.

We work with preview and efficiency.

„We want our customers to produce without downtime.“

Our services

  • Mechanical repairs in your company or in our facility
  • New grinding wheel spindle bearings
    – hydrodynamic bearings – roller bearings
  • New regulating wheel spindle bearings
    – segment- / plain bearings
    – roller bearings
  • Coatings with ceramic or chrome
  • Coatings on dresser
  • White metal or bronze coatings of bearing shoes
  • Repairs of grinding wheel and regulating wheel dressers
  • Optimization of existing units
  • Repairs of regulating wheel drives
  • Precision grinding of guide rails and dovetail guides
  • Precision scraping